About Us

We are passionate about animals. In the past century, pets have grown from becoming lowly guard dogs or street cats to being true companions, even Kings and Queens of the household. From bedding to food, pet owners around the world have invested time and money into making sure they truly understand the well-being of their pets needs.

We want to be the guardians of the voiceless. Just like our pets guard our domains and protect us from things we can’t see, like fires or attacks, we owe it to our pets to protect them from things they can’t see.

With Covid-19 completely changing our lives, we are now more aware of airborne viruses and bacteria that could be harmful to our bodies. Today, prevention is truly the best way to ensure that our bodies, and those around us, are safe. 


That is why we developed K9-Bioshield. We have learnt to protect and sanitize our surroundings to help keep bacteria and viruses at bay. We have a responsibility to do the same for the furry members of our family.  It is a known fact that animals can pick up viruses and bacteria from interacting with the outside world. We owe it to our pets to shield them from harmful germs and pathogens that will not only ensure their health and safety, but ours too.

To keep the experience with your pets safe, K9-Bioshield searched long and hard to find the right partner to create the ultimate pet protector against bacteria and viruses. In collaboration with BC-65™, K9-Biosheild has been able to create the best formula to protect the furry members of our family.

K9-Bioshield does not just want to protect your pets’ health, but to also ensure your health and safety, as well as the rest of your family members too.

Our Aim

K9-Bioshield products eliminate 99.999% of allergens, viruses, and bacteria that can be picked up from plants, other dogs, and even humans. With our non-toxic, non-alcohol formula, K9-Bioshield eliminates germs on any surface within 60 seconds. It is one of the best solutions to use before your pets enter your house from some playtime outside.

Put your mind at ease, knowing that we have placed the well-being of your pet and you at the forefront of our minds.