Our Benefits

K9-Bioshield worked with JCS Biotech Pte Ltd to develop a special formulation of their propriety non-toxic disinfectant. We are manufactured within Singapore and the products have gone through meticulous efficiency testing and have been approved by Veterinarians. 

The K9-Bioshield disinfects 99.999% of germs that animals encounter and could potentially spread. Our products are also proven to be safe in case of ingestion, inhalation and is non-irritant to skin and eyes, making it suitable to be used around children.

Our Benefits:
1. Eliminates Bacteria/Viruses/Allergens
2. Reduces Chances of Skin/Ear Infections
3. Reduces Chances of Food Poisoning/Diarrhea/Vomiting
4. Reduces Chances of Respiratory Tract Infections
5. Reduces Chances of Chronic Yeast Infections
6. Reduces Chances of Urinary Tract Infections
7. Removes Unpleasant Odors caused by Bacteria
8. Non-Allergenic and Gentle to Sensitive Skin, making it suitable for pets of all skin types. 

Product Features: